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The fire has been kept on the burner for a century only for each tea leaf to grow into its full exquisite beauty.

In 1917, Mr. Hsu Jin-Rong started his intertwining relationship with Taiwan tea. Besides cultivating in a tea plantation, he also sourced quality tea from other tea farmers and re-sold it to foreign trading houses that exclusively handled all imports and exports at the time. And this is how the story of Emei Tea House began.

Formerly called, “Emei Tea Shop”, Emei Tea House is located in Emei Township in Hsinchu County. With a history of 100 years, Emei Tea House is now managed by three fourth-generation brothers, Hsu Ming-Feng included. Together they inherited the professional tea processing know-how. They climb many mountains to visit various tea plantations in Taiwan and supervise all procedures in the plantation ranging from tea selection, processing, classification and packaging. They spend extensive amount of time on accumulating experience, apply exclusive roasting techniques and attend to meticulous details, as well as winning many awards in major tea competitions.

Different from regular standardized tea roasting procedures, Emei Tea House applies a preliminary classification of raw tea to identify the most suitable

roasting method and duration for each kind of tea and keeps sampling the tea during the roasting stage till obtaining the best taste to ensure the ultimate exquisite beauty of each tea leaf. Emei tea can be purchased in regular sales channels and various other venues thanks to Emei’s partnership with celebrity chefs and restaurants. We hope that Emei tea will be available in more varied places so that everyone can get a taste of the profound culture behind the Taiwan tea.

The English name for the brand, OMEE CHA, is integrated with Taiwan’s Hakka spirit. OMEE is close to how the Hakka people pronounce the Mandarin for Emei. CHA is the Romanization for the Mandarin word, Tea. The ingenuity behind the English name, OMEE CHA, has it that as soon as it’s pronounced, it exudes the ethos of Hakka tea and will blend you into our local tea culture.

As a carrier of this centennial Hakka tea culture, Emei Tea House has been roasting tea for over a century with heartfelt dedication, and in so doing, we present to you premium Taiwan tea that is worth repeated savoring.

Brand Features


The timing/duration for roasting will greatly impact the taste of the tea, and the roasting technique is acquired through repetition before identifying the most fitting temperature for each batch of tea in order for the tea to deliver its best taste after brewing. During the roasting one has to keep an eye on the color, smell and flavor of the tea at all times. No detail in the lengthy complex procedure can be overlooked or compromised, and this is how Emei Tea House produces its unique top-notch tea.

Into the tea leaves, we inject our consistent and passionate daily dedication which you will experience through every sip of our tea.

Family Heritage

Back in 1917, the Hsu family started the business of producing Taiwan tea. With a special appreciation for tea selection and professional roasting technique, the business has carried on to this day. Our tea selection and roasting have always been following the tradition and done by the family in person solely for the goal of publicizing the unique enchanting aroma and taste of Taiwan tea.

With one hundred years of tea culture and never-ceasing tea roasting, led by traditional Hakka tea spirit and integrated with modern tea-drinking concept, the fourth- generation management is to start new chapters for Emei Tea House.

Tea Farm

The concept of tea farms is derived from wineries. Different wineries produce their own wines with their own unique characteristics. Wineries in the same location would produce different batches of wine, each with its own unique taste due to the difference in cultivation, care and handling procedures.

Likewise, we instill the concept of tea farms into our brand to echo the spirit of wineries. With exclusive centennial tea selecting and roasting techniques, Emei Tea House produces tea that has an enduring charm and flavor and is a cut above the rest.


0306 Valley Fog Wood. Charcoal-Roasted Oolong Tea

Grown in a tea plantation in Nantou County at about 500 meters above sea level, this mechanically harvested tea is 60% roasted over a medium fire for a thick roasting texture and fragrance, plus a full-bodied slow-fire texture.

1207 Valley Fog Wood. Charcoal-Roasted Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Grown in a tea plantation in Nantou County at about 1100 meters above sea level, this Chin Shin Oolong tea is 70% roasted over a medium fire. The tea is golden yellow in color, mellow in taste plus a firing smell.

1606 Valley Fog Forest. Charcoal-Roasted Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Grown in a tea plantation in Nantou County’s Renai Township at about 1600 meters above sea level, this Chin Shin Oolong tea is 60% roasted on a medium fire for a mellow thick firing caramel aroma and multilayered taste. Golden yellow in color, the tea will leave an enduring aroma after being drunk.


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